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We are Artymys

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We are Artymys

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The world has seen a staggering rise in natural and man-made disasters over the past 20 years, with nearly 7,500 recorded, claiming 1.2 million lives and affecting more than four billion people. The COVID-19 pandemic shined a spotlight on challenges for nations and organisations to secure products and services from trustworthy sources. It became obvious that Governments, NGOs, IGOs, businesses, emergency and humanitarian aid services, need to strengthen and streamline their prevention and preparedness measures, as well as improve global supply chains.

When a crisis occurs it’s vital that governments, NGO and IGOs, businesses, emergency and humanitarian aid services act quickly to protect citizens, the environment and cultural heritage.

Crisis preparedness and emergency response require a multitude of resources to be at the fingertips of decision makers, and those people need to know they can trust suppliers to deliver on time and charge a fair price.

Artymys is the world’s first Civil Protection Marketplace: a specialist global platform where you can find and discover anything you might want to buy online for humanitarian aid and disaster recovery.

From PPE to ambulances, emergency shelters to helicopters, sanitation to power supplies Artymys offers unparalleled access to whatever is required to prevent, respond and recover.

Buyers can be confident they will get what they order, sellers are reassured they will get paid, both benefit from unparalleled services and convenience.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted shortcomings in supply chains, quality control and corruption. Artymys avoids these issues thanks to:

  • Secure invitation-only marketplace
  • Vendor verification, regulatory, compliance and certification checks
  • Independent product inspection, buyer reviews and ratings
  • Secure Payall escrow cross-border payments
  • Freight forwarding, logistics and insurance
  • Returns and refunds

Artymys is the brainchild of the International Civil Defense Support & Coordination Agency (ICDSCA), a Geneva-based organisation founded in 2014. It’s global team and network of specialists support the efforts of governments and organisations that need access to a vast range of products and vendors for humanitarian and civil protection, disaster relief and management.

When prevention planning, responding to, or recovering from, natural or man-made disasters, social or military conflicts, make Artymys a key part of your civil defense agenda.