Antiviral Tray

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5000 pieces /Min. Order
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Brand: ImproMat
Model: IT1.2
Supply Ability: 10'000
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  • Material: Plastic
  • Properties: Antiviral and antibacterial according IS ...
  • Application: Restaurants, school - company - military ...
  • Supply Ability per Month: 10'000
  • Brand: ImproMat
  • Product ID: IT1.2-08/2020
  • Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price USD$: 12.90
  • Handling Time (Days): 30
  • Manufacturer: ImproMat Sàrl

Supply Ability

  • Supply Ability: 10'000


Our ANTIVIRAL and ANTIBACTERIAL products such as door handles protect people from the COVID-19 in a lot of different kind of public places. This product provides additional safety, it can be used in schools, offices, restaurants, hospitals, in enterprises, all those places which host traffic with a high risk of contamination.

Our product users benefit from the unique antiviral and antibacterial ingredients that have been embedded into the plastic. This prevent viruses and bacteria that are falling on them from being transmitted to humans, as they are effectively removed upon contact with our antiviral products.


Development and Norm

Resulting from several years of research in Switzerland in the medical field, the materials used for the ImproMat products are unique due to their antiviral and antibacterial properties. Tested by independent laboratories, the products are validated according to ISO 21702 Standard (with Human Corona Virus) as well as ISO 22196 Standard (for so-called hospital bacteria). Thanks to fine silver particles embedded in the plastic, viruses and bacteria are eliminated on the surface instantly.


Innovative and convenient

Our 100% recyclable range of products used in numerous daily activities, can be easily implemented.


For daily use

They adapt to many daily situations such as in schools, offices, restaurants, hospitals, enterprises and many more. Anti-Covid and antibacterial efficacy is guaranteed for 5 years.


 COLOR: Available in different color, on request

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