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Brand: Desinfection unit
Color: According to the Customer order
Supply Ability: Desinfection unit
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  • Type: Desinfection unit
  • Color: According to the Customer order
  • Material: DIFFERENT
  • Properties: EMERGENCY SIGNS SET (LED) is intended fo ...
  • Application: EMERGENCY SIGNS SET (LED) is intended fo ...
  • Supply Ability per Month: 5
  • Brand: Russia
  • Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price USD$: 675.00
  • Handling Time (Days): 90
  • Manufacturer: Russia

Supply Ability

  • Supply Ability: Desinfection unit


EMERGENCY SIGNS SET (LED) is intended for:

- marking the boundaries of radioactive, chemical, and biological contamination (pollution) of the area;

- indicating the direction of the evacuation of the population (the ways of bypassing the contamination zones);

- marking the locations of shelters and the gathering point for the population;

- informing the population about measures of protection against damaging factors of hazardous and CBRN substances.


1 - file folder for storing stickers, leaflets, and paper for stickers and leaflets;

2 - pocket for storing the passport of the EMERGENCY SIGNS SET (LED);

3 - packaging with paint for stencil printing;

4 - spray for removing inscriptions;

5 - the marker for labeling;

6 - sponge-eraser for removing inscriptions;

7 - safety signs and stencils for applying inscriptions;

8 - LED lights.

Emergency signs are designed for:

1 - the emergency situation with chemically hazardous substances (CHS);

2 - the emergency situation with radioactive substances (RS);

3 - the emergency situation with biological agents (BA);

4 - all emergency situations.

General view of the emergency sign worn on a pole with a stand:

1 - main safety sign;

2 - additional sign with an explanatory inscription;

3 - the place for a sticker;

4 - LED lamp;

5 - protective milestone BO-1/ rod milestone BS-3;

6 - stand for the milestone.


Price and delivery condition

The price of the EMERGENCY SIGNS SET (LED) is $ 675 per set.

In the course with a potential buyer, we are ready to make a discount.

EMERGENCY SIGNS SET (LED) delivery is carried out on the terms of Incoterms 2020 EXW Moscow within 2-3 months from the date of receipt of payment.

Company Information

  • Business Type: Scientific and Production Center "Rescue Equipment"
  • Main Products: Public alert and notification terminals; Emergency buttons; Video surveillance systems; Mobile and Stationary hardware - software units; Mobile public alert, notification and monitoring units; LED markers and warning signs.
  • Total Employees: -
  • Certificate: http://www.spasenie-mchs.ru/company/awards/
  • Year Established: 2001
  • Trademarks: -
  • Country / Region: 176
  • Ownership: Joint Stock Company
  • Total Annual Revenue: -
  • Certifications(1): -
  • Patents: -
  • Main Markets: Our equipment is used not only in Russia, but also in other countries of Europe, Asia and Africa.

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