Mobile Management Center (PPU-48-03) on the base of KaMAZ-43118-1048

Mobile Management Center (PPU-48-03) on the base of KaMAZ-43118-1048

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Brand: Truck
Model: Mobile Management Center (PPU-48-03) on the base of KaMAZ-43118
Color: According to the Customer order
Supply Ability: Truck
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  • Type: Truck
  • Color: According to the Customer order
  • Material: DIFFERENT
  • Properties: Mobile Management Center (PPU-48-03) is ...
  • Application: Mobile Management Center (PPU-48-03) is ...
  • Supply Ability per Month: 1
  • Handling Time (Days): 270
  • Manufacturer: RUSSIA

Supply Ability

  • Supply Ability: Truck


Mobile Management Center (PPU-48-03) consists of:

-           chassis of KamAZ-43118 equipped with two fuel tanks of 560 L total capacity, two searchlights, cabin with a bed, spare tire under the rear part of carriage;

-           special passenger compartment for working of 14 staff and rest of 3 persons;

-           special equipment for vehicle function support;

-           passenger compartment, doors, and doorways are framed by aluminum profiles;

-           OK-1 lighting set and UHF antenna are installed in front of passenger compartment on mechanically driven telescopic masts. There is a ladder for climbing to the roof behind the passenger compartment;

-           passenger compartment is divided by partitions into three modules: operational, command and auxiliary.

Operational and command modules are divided by sliding doors.


Modules are designed for:

-           command module is used for an emergency commission meeting, rest of 1 person,  and storage of documentation;

-           operational module is used for work of the operational team on shift, rest of two persons, mounting of communication and warning equipment, office and other equipment;

-           auxiliary module is used for mounting special, kitchen, technical and sanitary equipment.


CBR, Communication, and warning equipment are designed for:

- emergency warning, the transmission of light, acoustic, and voice signals and messages within 1000 m radius;

 - UHF communication with the use of mobile radios (up to 50 km) and hand-carry radios (2-3 km);

- HF communication with the use of mobile radios (up to 3000 km);

- satellite communication (within the range of satellite coverage);

- connection to the existing landlines by the field cable;

- power supply by power generator on-site and by car battery on-site and on the route;

- radiological and chemical reconnaissance; fencing of dangerous zones and emergency rescue operations sites;

- lighting of emergency rescue operations sites.

Mobile Management Center (PPU-48-03) is characterized by high cross-country capability due to KamAZ- 43118 basic chassis.

It is possible to operate within 500 km in remote areas without refueling. 4-5 persons may get rest in the vehicle.

Operation in a cold climate (up to -40°C) provided by heating of cabin, engine, and passenger compartment.

Environment proof passenger compartment is made of plastic.


Price and delivery condition

The price of the Mobile Management Center (PPU-48-03) is from $ 750,000 to $ 850,000 depends on the modification.

In the course with a potential buyer, we are ready to make a discount.

Mobile Management Center (PPU-48-03) delivery is carried out on the terms of Incoterms 2020 EXW Moscow within 9-12 months from the date of receipt of payment.

Company Information

  • Business Type: Scientific and Production Center "Rescue Equipment"
  • Main Products: Public alert and notification terminals; Emergency buttons; Video surveillance systems; Mobile and Stationary hardware - software units; Mobile public alert, notification and monitoring units; LED markers and warning signs.
  • Total Employees: -
  • Certificate:
  • Year Established: 2001
  • Trademarks: -
  • Country / Region: 176
  • Ownership: Joint Stock Company
  • Total Annual Revenue: -
  • Certifications(1): -
  • Patents: -
  • Main Markets: Our equipment is used not only in Russia, but also in other countries of Europe, Asia and Africa.

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