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Brand: Hartmann Trauma Equipment
Model: TRAUMA BANDAGE - The hero among pressure dressings
Supply Ability: In stock - short term supply possible
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  • Type: Lifesafing Medical Trauma Bandage
  • Supply Ability per Month: In stock - short term supply possible
  • Brand: Hartmann Trauma Equipment
  • HS Code: 30,059,000.00
  • Handling Time (Days): 6
  • Manufacturer: IVF Hartmann AG

Supply Ability

  • Supply Ability: In stock - short term supply possible


Effective pressure bandage for intensive bleeding wounds.


Discover the LiFESAVER

  • Swiss Made
  • Can be applied with just one hand
  • tested amd continually refined for 100 years



  • Rapid absorption of blood and exudated thanks to the capillary effect
  • Proven Zetuvit absorbent pad
  • Does not stick to the wound


Pressure applicator

  • Controlled, simple pressure build-up
  • Even pressure distribution for greater safety
  • Optimum positioning over the wound



  • Highe wear comfort due to the 65% cotton content
  • Optimum extensibility for targeted pressure build-up
  • Suitable for various parts of the budy due to its 4.5 m lenght (when extended)


CLosure Clip

  • Secure fixing of pressure dressing
  • Simple closure system


Unroll stopp

  • Stops the bandage from unrolling inadvertently
  • Easy to use

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Availaible for sale only in Switzerland

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