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  • Type: First-Aid kit for intensive bleeding wou ...
  • Supply Ability per Month: available for delivery
  • Brand: TRAUMA-BOX®
  • Handling Time (Days): 30
  • Manufacturer: IFV Hartmann AG

Supply Ability

  • Supply Ability: available for delivery


First-Aid kit for intensive bleeding wounds, contains our TRAUMA BANDAGE and a C-A-T tourniquet. Inklusive nutril gloves for self protection

The TRAUMA-BOX® was developed by IVF HARTMANN AG in collaboration with experts from the German Trauma Foundation (DTS e.V.). It contains the TRAUMA BANDAGE, a C-A-T®tourniquet, and medical-grade disposable gloves for tending to heavy bleeds reliably.

In addition, the product is available in two different versions:

  • a TRAUMA-BOX® bag, which can be carried in the emergency vehicle or worn directly on the body.


  • as TRAUMA-BOX® dispenser, which can be securely positioned in the immediate vicinity. It is weather- and vandalism-resistant and quick to open.


Areas of application for the TRAUMA-BOX® include, for example, production companies, logistics firms, energy providers and shooting ranges.

But the TRAUMA-BOX® is also a must for emergency responders, special forces and the police!

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